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Propelling brands forward with strategic (& fun!) brand identity and visionary design solutions.

With an observational and relationship-driven approach to work and life, Courtney designs with a unique blend of taste and purpose to help brands and individuals stand out from their crowds.

A non-comprehensive list of what I can bring to your table.

Brand identity & STRATEGY
WebSITE Design

Kind words from folks I've had the pleasure of working with.

Michelle lung, Senior Art Director @ Digitas

"Courtney is the 8th wonder of the world—I’ve never worked with someone with energy as contagious as hers. Courtney grows exponentially as a designer. Every month you can see drastic improvements in everything she does, there is no limit for her. Her illustration and typography skills are like none I’ve ever seen before and her ability to pick up new skills is impressive. She’s able to design websites, create animated pieces, build gorgeous emails, design converting ads, the list goes on.

Not only does she produce stellar work quickly and perfectly, she’s always bringing laughter and smiles to those around her. I would love to have the opportunity to work with her again."

Tyler Daniels, Director of Strategic Planning @ UGA

"Courtney is such an impressive person. There's no doubt she is skilled as graphic designer and creative thinker. However, what stands out the most to me is her contagious positive attitude. It's unique to have an intern impact the culture of your team, but Courtney certainly has. I would highly recommend Courtney as a designer and all around team player."

Hannah Groseclose, Owner of Hinge Creative Co.

"It is rare that you come across an all-star person like Courtney. It’s difficult to find an employee who knocks it out of the park in every category: she’s an extremely talented designer with an elevated eye and taste, an absolute joy to work with *and* a work ethic like no other. If you’re considering hiring a young designer, look no further. Snatch her up while you can! You’ll be glad you did."

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